The Company

Rancang Bistari Town Planning & GIS Consultant

Rancang Bistari was established with initial services to assist planning organisation in preparing the base map for local and structure plan studies. The extensive experience of the principal and staff enables the firm to widen its services to various planning scopes of work especially in preparing the structure and local plan studies, research papers, physical planning, and preparing database for planning use.

Laters on, Rancang Bistari found itself on the growing role of GIS technology especially in urban and regional planning. The implications of this are vast and will eventually affect the planning, design, engineering, and management activities of nearly every profession. Rancang Bistari is dedicated to helping its clients bridge this gap in our world today.

We have the experience and skills to take you from start to finish with your projects and help your organization reach its full potential with our personalized solutions and customized systems based on your needs. The company currently employs 13 permanent staff with 4 departments in-house which are Town Planning Department, GIS Department, IT Department, and Road Information MARRIS department. Our staff is a group of highly focused and dedicated professionals who have been working together with a proven commitment to our clients in delivering above expectation services and products. We are well equipped with the latest up-to-date software and hardware required in our field of work.